Last Wills & Testaments

Last Wills & Testaments

We draft final wills in accordance with the laws of your home country thus ensuring validity under UAE laws. We also provide a complete consultation and advisory service for clients with more complex and complicated circumstances. Our services ensure all your assets and properties are covered in your will protecting the rights and making provisions for your family and legal heirs.

A Will becomes inevitable and mandatory for an expatriate in the UAE due to application of Sharia Law in the absence of a Will with regard to inheritance and distribution of assets of the deceased.

Our Will Specialists help and guide you through the process of making and legalizing the Will. We ensure that your loved ones and family members do not have to endure the struggle of legal formalities and other complicated procedures during the absence of a legalized Will.

Speak to our Consultant today or complete the Application Form to not only safeguard your assets and properties but to ensure a safe and hassle free life for your loved ones.
Single Will
A Single Will is suitable for individuals who wish to have a simple Will in place to ensure that their assets pass to whom they wish.

A Single Will includes the appointment of Executors and Guardians, the gifting of specific gifts and legacies, the residue of your estate, and funeral instructions.

Mirror Wills
Mirror Wills are ideally suited to couples who wish to make Wills that reflect each other's wishes - hence the name "Mirror Wills".

It is usual (but not mandatory) for couples to leave their estates to each other in the first instance, and then to decide on back up beneficiaries in the event that both spouses / partners pass away together. The same beneficiaries are mentioned in each spouse / partner's Will.

Mirror Wills do not form a legally binding contract with the other partner, and the surviving spouse / partner is free to alter their Will and the beneficiaries of their Will at any time.